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The Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/PTWS) first convened in 1968. The ICG/PTWS was renamed from the International Coordination Group for the Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific (ICG/ITSU) in 2005 to an intergovernmental body focusing on commitments of member states to continually embrace the comprehensive nature of tsunami risk reduction. The guidelines for the PTWS activities are compiled in the PTWS Implementation Plan (under revision).



Ms Filomena Nelson (Disaster Management Office, Samoa)


Dr Tatiana Ivelskaya (Russian Federation)

Mr Tomoaki OZAKI  (Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan)

Mr Rick BAILEY (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)

Working Groups 

The Intergovernmental Coordination Group meets regularly to establish and implement working plans in the Pacific region. To address specific technical issues it has formed three sessional working groups, four regional working group and seven task teams:

Working Group 1 - Tsunami Risk Assessment and Reduction- Chair Dr Vasily Titov (NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, United States), Vice-Chair Dr Francois Schindele (France)

Working Group 2 - Detection, Warning and Dissemination- Chair Dr Ken Gledhill (New Zealand), Vice-Chair Mr Dan Jaksa Jaksa (Australia)

WG2 Task Team on Enhancing Products (formerly Enhancing Tsunami Warning Products)

WG2 Task Team on Seismic Data Sharing in the South West Pacific

Working Group 3 - Disaster Management, Preparedness and Risk Reduction, Chair Mr David Coetzee (New Zealand), Vice Chair Ms Julie Leonard (USA)

Regional Working Group on the South China Sea Region Mr MOK Hing-yim (China) / Vice-chair: Dr Nguyen HONG PHUONG (Vietnam).

Working Group for the South West Pacific Chair:- Chair Mr Ofa Fa’anunu (Tonga), Vice-chair Ms Esline Garaebiti (Vanuatu)

Working Group for the South East Pacific -Chair Humberto Gomez (Ecuador), Vice-chair Ms Mary Rengifo (Colombia)

Working Group for Central America - Chair Ms Angélica Muñoz (Nicaragua), Vice-chair Dolan Castro (Guatemala)



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