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European/NEAMTWS Tsunami Catalogue

The European/NEAMTWS Tsunami Catalogue was developed based on the GITEC-II project (Genesis and impact of tsunamis on the european coasts : Tsunami warning and observations).


(Source: Stefano Tinti) 

Bibliography: S Tinti, A Maramai, L Graziani, A new version of the European tsunami catalogue: updating and revision, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (2001) 1: 255–262

To install the NEAMTWS Tsunami Catalogue on your PC please follow the steps listed below:

1) Download NEAMTWS.zip. Click HERE to download the file

2) Unziping the file will create a directory WEBSETUP

3) Start "setup" within this folder

4) During installation indicate a directory for the application (default directory is C:/NEAMTWS)

5) Start the Cataloague by clicking on the fox icon in this directory (e.g. C:/NEAMTWS)

Additional documents

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