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ComMIT training in Maputo, Mozambique 14-18 February, 2011

comitmaputo2As part of the UN initiative “Strengthening the tsunami warning capacity of Indian Ocean member States”, coordinated through UN/ISDR, a training course on the ComMIT/MOST tsunami numerical modelling software was held in Maputo from February 14 to 18, 2011. On invitation of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Diana Greenslade (BoM, Australia) and Chris Chamberlin (NOAA, USA) successfully conducted this course. The one-week workshop was attended by 18 trainees from 8 thematically related institutions in Mozambique (INAM, INGC, INAHINA, DNG, CVM, UEM, KULIMA and FOCO). Prof. Seddoh, representative a.i. of UNESCO Maputo, welcomed the participants during the opening ceremony and stressed the importance of the training course due to the given risk of coastal inundation caused by tsunamis and tropical cyclones along the 3000km Mozambican coastline.comitmaputo
Following the well established workshop outline the course comprised three basic elements: lectures, practice and lastly the presentation of participants’ work on case studies which they had to conduct during the workshop. Thus, the first day was blocked for providing the background information on the international governance structure and the basic features, from tsunami generation, wave propagation to coastal flooding. This also comprised a detailed presentation of underlying wave theory and equations as well as the related numerical transformation and modelling by the MOST model. The second and third day of the workshop addressed all features provided by the ComMIT interface and especially how to generate individual model runs for varying earthquake magnitudes at different sources in the Indian Ocean. The second part of the training was then earmarked for participants to work on their individual case studies on which a formal presentation were given during the last day of the training.

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