ICG/IOTWS Working Group 2: Tsunami Detection, Warning and Dissemination


1. Monitor existing international and national arrangements with regards to seismic, GPS, sea level and other kinds of measurements, data collection and exchange.

2. Promote best practice to ensure that all events likely to cause tsunami can be reliably locatedand sized in a timely manner.

3. Review and make recommendations regarding upgrades and enhancements to the IOTWSseismic, GPS and sea level networks, communications, processing and analysis to minimise the time required for accurate source characterization and tsunami verification to meet desired warning responses.

4. Coordinate and monitor operational implementation and enhancement of warning systems in the Indian Ocean, including ongoing development and benchmarking of tsunami verification and forecast systems.

5. Coordinate the development of coastal inundation models for tsunamis within multi-hazard frameworks, including storm surges and tropical cyclones.

6. Coordinate, monitor and report on the performance of the IOTWS Regional Tsunami Service Provider (RTSP) Service.

7. Coordinate and conduct regular exercises and communication tests of the IOTWS.

8. Develop, coordinate and help implement training and capacity building programmes for NTWCs, NDMOs and Media to utilise the RTSP Service.

9. Develop capability guidelines and performance indicators for NTWCs and RTSPs.

10. Document performances of candidate RTSPs and report to the ICG.

11. Develop and maintain IOTWS Users Guide.

12. Liaise with working groups within the ICG/IOTWS, and working groups from the other ocean basins through the TOWS WG, to coordinate tsunami detection, warning and dissemination.

13. Under the direction of the Steering Group, carry out assessments of the IOTWS performance after each exercise and real tsunami event. Encourage and assist national assessments following real events.

The Group will be composed of members nominated by Member States, invited observers, with a chairperson and a vice-chairperson to be elected.


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