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IOC/2014/MG/37, 2nd Edition

International Tsunami Survey Team (ITST) Post-Tsunami Survey Field Guide

Doc Type Reference Document
Status Published on 21/09/14
Notes Second edition
First edition was published in 1998
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9 - 11 Sep 13 Twenty-fifth Session of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/PTWS-XXV)
The IOC Fourth Session of the IOC Assembly (3–12 November 1965) decided through Resolution IV-6, to create the International Coordination Group for the Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific...
Vladivostok, Russian Federation
11 - 13 Nov 09 Sixth Session of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System in the North Eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Connected Seas
Election information: Final Candidates
Istanbul, Turkey

Group(s): Tsunami
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