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Japan-UNESCO/UNU Symposium on The Great East Japan Tsunami on 11 March 2011 and Tsunami Warning Systems: Policy Perspectives

16 - 17 February 2012, Tokyo, Japan

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  IOC/BRO/2012/1 Summary Statement of the Tokyo Symposium 09/07/12


Agenda # Code   Title Author Upd. On  
Opening_Kusaba NHK_The Great East Japan Tsunami_Video Presentation A 20/04/12
Session 1_Sasaki_Major of Natori City_What happened at that time_Report from affected areas_Part1 B 20/04/12
Session 1_Sasaki_Major of Natori City_What happened at that time_Report from affected areas_Part2 C 20/04/12
Session 1_Koshimura_The impact of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake tsunami - Lessons towards tsunami-resilient communities D 20/04/12
Session 1_Yamaguchi_Retaining the essential services and functions in coastal municipalities E 20/04/12
Session 1_Ikeuchi_MLITs emergency response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and recent policy changes regarding tsunami F 20/04/12
Session 1_Ochi_Management and response actions by the government of Japan G 20/04/12
Session 2_Sekiya_Tsunami evacuation from a socio-psychological point of view H 20/04/12
Session 2_Suenaga_Implementation of Tsunami disaster education in schools and communities I 20/04/12
Session 2_Iwata_Community preparedness near high potential earthquake and Tsunami source areas_The example of Shizuoka prefecture J 20/04/12
Session 2_Natori_How to enhance public awareness at community level K 20/04/12
Session 3_Satake_What was the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami L 20/04/12
Session 3_Yarai_Enhancement of tsunami warnings through the use of geodetic observations on land and on the bottom of the ocean M 20/04/12
Session 3_Kamigaichi_JMAs response to the Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and planned improvements of Tsunami warning N 20/04/12
Session 3_Imamura_Linking international tsunami research and science with operational tsunami warning systems O 20/04/12
Session 5_Michida_Current status of international coordinating structure of tsunami warning and mitigation systems_towards establishment of globally harmonized system P 20/04/12
Session 5_Takeuchi_Recovery of the Tsunami affected areas and building a nature harmonious society Q 20/04/12
Session 5_Ejima_International cooperation and development partnership R 20/04/12

Background Documents

Agenda # Code   Title Upd. On  
Tokyo Symposium - List of Participants 20/04/12
Tokyo Symposium_Welcoming speeches 20/04/12
Tokyo Symposium - Audio recordings_English transcription 20/04/12
Photos from the Tokyo Symposium 27/03/12
Japan-UNESCO-UNU International Symposium - Final Agenda 20/03/12
Tokyo Symposium - Audio recordings_Japanese transcription 20/04/12
Japan-UNESCO-UNU International Symposium - Poster Abstracts 20/03/12

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